Apple smart watches are now the top selling brand in market as compared to any other brands: In Apple Sept 13th 2017 event, apple has claimed that with the release of apple watch series 2 in last year, apple becomes the number 1 selling brand for smart watches in the market.

with release of Apple watch series 2, apple finally gives the purpose for its wearables when compared to the series 1 (initial released version). Apple watch series 1 lacks refinements in certain areas but with release of apple watch series 2 apple improved the many aspects of watchOS as well as bringing the GPS function to its smart watches.

Apple watch series 2 with GPS and water resistant features becomes the number one smart watch choices for fitness enthusiasts.


design & Display (Apple watches series 3 vs series 2)

in terms of design, apple watch series 2 and series 3 looks the same without any major changes. The Apple Watch 2 launched with a 38mm option with 272 x 340 resolution and a 42mm option with 312 x 390 resolution, which remains for the Apple Watch 3.

Apple is among few companies that still producing smartwatches with non-circular displays. with the release of apple watch series 3 the rotating crown once again makes the return which helps to get round the problem of your finger obstructing the small display when interacting with the touch screen.

Apple watches (from Series 1 to series 3)

Apple has also introduced the range of new straps which will work for the series 3 and older models except ceramic grey option for the apple watch series 3, which won't be available for older models. both of these models are water resistant with 50m, which is great for those who don't want to take off their apple watch during the shower or for those who are swimmers.

Specifications (apple Smartwatch series 3 vs series 2)

apple watch series 3 improves further over apple watch series 2 S2 dual-core wearable chipset, which was a huge upgrade in terms of performance and battery efficiency in last year over apple watch series 1.

with smartwatch series 3, apple has introduced a new s3 processor that promises the 70% further improvement in performance over the s2 processor in apple watch series 2. the new w2 chipset is developed considering better wireless connectivity, which improves the power efficiency by 50% over the series 2 and 85% performance improvements for wi-fi connectivity.

the most exciting inclusion of new feature in apple smartwatch series 2 is the LTE cellular antenna, which is built itself into the screen. However LTE cellular antenna are often incorporated into the strap section that connects to the watch casing, making them slightly stiff and uncomfortable. with the inclusion of LTE Cellular antenna, now user have always-on data and cellular access for notifications and calls, without the need of WI-FI or bluetooth connection. Apple watch series 3 now uses an e-SIM, which means now your watch will use the same number as your iPhone does.

Both Apple watch series 2 and series 3 includes accelerometer, a GPS Sensor and a heart rate monitor along with NFC on Both with support for Apple Pay. Other exciting additions to Apple watch series 3 is a barometric altimeter, which helps track elevation data. It is great to track outdoor activities such as running, cycling, hill climbs, killer slopes or skiing.

it also helps to correlate the heart rate sensor against the actual effort and intensity of your exercise. the graph shows your heart rate spike at a certain point and the elevation data shows you the exact reason for the same. the barometric altimeter can also track your indoor activities such as stairs you climb. 

So in the terms of the feature improvements, Apple watch series 3 is much promising over its predecessors. Now with Apple watch series 3 you can leave your iphone at home while jogging or travelling around your house without the need of connecting your apple watch and iphone with WI-FI or Bluetooth.

Both of these models are compatible to use the new WatchOS 4, which brings the number of improvements under the hood. Such as Support for HIIT Training, an New Heart rate app and a proactive siri watchface that delivers information to your screen

Apple watch series 3 with LTE Cellular Antenna Feature

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