-Excellent antivirus and reliable firewall.

-Extensive feature package including online banking, ransomware and child protection.

-Exceptional Resource-saving, intelligent performance

-Very easy to use


-lightly unclear homepage and support page


Summed up

Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 offers an absolutely reliable security package which has a lot of functions and is very easy to use.

Kaspersky Internet Security Test

Security function

New features in 2017 version

The biggest innovation is “Secure Connection” feature which is a VPN client that redirects the connection to the Internet and thereby hides real user location. This feature makes user invisible for criminals on the net and thus makes direct access to his computer more difficult. However data traffic is limited to 200 MB per day and customers who want to use unlimited VPN have to pay for it separately.

Top performance in virus detection

Independent test labs have been certified products of the Russian security software developer “Kaspersky” for an almost perfect detection rate of viruses and other malwares. The only other internet security software, which works at a similar high level while at the same time providing such a comprehensive features is Bitdefender. In the most recent comparison of AV-Test, KIS received the best score 18 out of 18 possible points. Both protection as well as speed and usability were convincing.

Double protection against malware

The heart piece of any security software is its antivirus program. In Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 there is also a part identical to Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2017. This “Kaspersky Anti-Virus” detects malicious software by means of a virus database which is continually extended by online updates. In addition, Kaspersky uses proactive technologies which identifies malware by its general characteristics, i.e. its typical behavior in applications and system activities. Also malwares, which are hidden in strange program components will be recognized. If unknown software is suspicious to be a malicious program, it is directly blocked. This hybrid combination of protection methods allows faster responses to new threats. In addition, if the anti-virus program detects new malicious software on the PC that has not yet been recorded in the database, the cloud protection module sends new information to central database of Kaspersky. Here technicians analyze and process data of the malware and make it available to all Kaspersky customers via cloud network. Through this method, software works as spam filter as well as anti-phishing.


Everything under control with System Watcher

A tool called “System Watcher” monitors also critical system processes and prevents changes in network and system configuration. Especially settings of the most popular web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer (or Edge) and Chrome are protected by System Watcher. Even manipulation attempts at the Internet security software itself will be blocked rigorously.


Smart firewall

Kaspersky’s built-in firewall works extremely reliable and user-friendly. It examines digital signatures, which there is in vast majority of programs and applications. This signatures make it possible for anti-malware programs such as Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 to automatically distinguish safe programs from malicious one. In this way, user is not constantly interrogated by permission requests, and on the other hand, the working memory of the PC is not unnecessarily burdened by permanent verification processes, which can stumble programs or games. It also minimizes this risk that inexperienced users inadvertently allow dangerous programs to access system or Internet.

Without signature, no one comes in

However, not every program has such a digital signature, and it is not always obvious what the impact of software will ultimately be in system. For this reason, specialists of Kaspersky Labs are constantly testing and certifying vast amount of softwares and utilities and keep firewall permanently updated with the list of trusted programs. The technicians have already recorded more than 700 million entries of games, programs, applications and operating systems in database and have given them appropriate access rights. Trustworthy programs can access system without any further assessment but suspicious applications can’t even start, and move directly to quarantine, where they do no harm.


Freely configurable access rights

In Kaspersky internet security 2017; user can also determine firewall rules. This feature allows user to set extensive or very limited access rights for selected programs. However, in vast majority of cases, firewall does not inform user and regulates access rights autonomously in background with a high level of reliability and intelligence. What is new in Kaspersky internet security 2017, is that firewall starts very early in boot process of PC, even before that security software is on.


No chance for Ransomware

Antivirus programs can remove malwares from computer, but user data remains encrypted. In this cases; Kaspersky Internet Security provides comprehensive protection: it not only deletes malwares, but also backs up all files which malware can access to them, allowing user to restore them after a Krypto Locker attack even if system is already infected by Ransomware.


Malware is allowed to play in Sandbox

Another security layer is Kaspersky’s Safe Run mode. Malicious programs will run in an environment named “Sandbox” which is separated from rest of the system. The software has only hypothetical and not real access to system. Furthermore, Kaspersky allows unknown potential malwares to explode in a virtual environment in order to recognize their precise intentions.



Secure payment with “Safe Money”

The more popular online banking is, the more popular are phishing softwares which spy account and access data of customers. Hackers try to find PINs, TANs or PayPal Passwords of their victims. Under Safe Money feature, Kaspersky brings together a series of protection mechanisms that defy espionage programs. Thus, online payment protection checks whether user is actually directed to real website of bank or shopping portal, and ensures that webpage has a SSL certificate. If program considers a webpage as too insecure, it warns user before visiting webpage. Before that customer enters his secret passwords or TANs, Kaspersky also checks if there are any vulnerable security holes on operating system.

In addition, it has the ability to open suspicious page in an estimated mode. If customer uses this feature, Kaspersky remembers this option by default and redirects user to destination via protected browser during next visit. Furthermore, Safe Money service allows user to check individual websites for their security standards; if Kaspersky considers webpage as suspicious, it recommends using protected browser for future visits.

Highly efficient spam filter

Vast majority of e-mail providers already provide filtering capabilities for spam mail, which is the reason why Anti-Spam component in Kaspersky Internet Security Software is disabled by default. Microsoft Outlook users can integrate this feature directly into their e-mail program, which directly move mails of existing advertising bureaus in a separate spam folder. Users of other e-mail programs can set rules for received messages to draw spam mails at entrance. Anti-spam function works pleasantly in background and what users mainly see; is a slide bar, through which they can adjust the sensitivity of filter.


Child protection function

In terms of child protection, Kaspersky designed a comprehensive package for its customers, which allows parents to monitor Internet visits of children. Parental Control feature automatically blocks web pages with contents that Kaspersky classifies as unsuitable for children. Predefined, lockable topics includes more than a dozen categories, ranging from pornographic content to violence-striking websites. Additionally, parents can prohibit access to certain games, if they are not suitable for children and by using this method; online shops and auctions are not displayed to child.

Kaspersky provides a restriction list to prevent children from sharing too much personal data on Internet. If parents enter their telephone number or residential address is this list, security software prevents children from sharing this information on social networks. Parents can also determine general usage of computer by means of a weekly schedule and determine daily usage period for child.


Full monitoring of children

Like its competitor, Bitdefender, Kaspersky continues to take a step-by-step approach for child protection and allows parents to monitor all modern life of their children. Program also regulates activities of child in social networks such as Facebook and instant messaging systems like ICQ. However, what is missing from security software is a remote control option, which enables monitoring of different devices. As a result, users can only restrict access to a fixed PC, and not for example to other mobile devices.


Stop spying on webcams

Hackers use webcam to access privacy of unprotected users. In this way, criminals spy on valuable things or safety standards in apartment of owner. Anyone who doesn’t want to stick on the camera lenses for self-protection; will get exactly right security software for protecting webcam by using Kaspersky. Whenever a software accesses webcam, Kaspersky software informs user and blocks unauthorized manipulations.

However, users can explicitly allow access to trusted applications such as Skype. List of compatible webcams with Kaspersky internet security can be found on official website of manufacturer. Devices that are not listed on this list can still be compatible with webcam protection feature, but Kaspersky doesn’t guarantee it in these cases.

Kaspersky removes vulnerabilities in the system

This sentence that each chain is only as strong as its weakest link, is completely true by computer viruses. Malware programs are constantly looking for creative ways to access systems, which have the most inconspicuous security gaps. Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 protects computers in all ways and with automatic exploit protection prevents infiltration of PC by means of obsolete softwares. Kaspersky assesses functionality and updates of installed programs, which provide a potential attack area for digital threats, and warns user if updates are missing. Thus security software closes all vulnerabilities and blocks suspicious applications completely.


Two-way protection against keyloggers

Keylogger programs are able to record keystrokes of user on keyboard. In this way, hackers spy on passwords and personal data of victims. This threat is addressed by Kaspersky using a dual approach. At first, an integrated virtual keyboard hides actual layout of keys from espionage programs, and secondly; security software shields physical keyboard against foreign access.




So good like no system load

One of the most important features of each security software is its performance. If it slows down other programs or makes PC to run slowly up, this will suffer user. Ideally, user shouldn’t even notices that any additional antivirus program is running in background. Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 almost completely doesn’t make system resources disturbed and produces measurable delays in running processes which are not noticeable for user. In relation to boot speed, Kaspersky doesn’t cause measurable slowdowns and after installation of software; system is as quickly as before the installation. Transferring of large size files can be slowed down by a few percentage, but it’s still far below a somewhat perceptible limit. Kaspersky has also no effect on running programs when spam protection is enabled. In overall, Kaspersky has almost no effect on PC performance.


Very easy to use

Kaspersky security softwares are among the most popular security solutions in the world, not only because of their excellent malware detection rates, but also because of their ease of use. Despite the immense complexity and elite features, vendor succeeds in making user interface simple and up-to-date. Immediately after installation of software, all relevant configurations are automatically activated, which is especially suited for inexperienced PC users.

Help and Support

For questions about products or Kaspersky services, customers or prospective customers will find a virtual helper named Lena on official homepage. However, more complex questions are sometimes ignored by lady and instead of appropriate answers, she usually provides links to various topics which do not necessarily have to do with user request. After all, Lena gives visitors an overview of different softwares, their features and prices.


The support area: unclear but useful

Support page of Kaspersky Labs is really useful. It is subdivided into thematic areas such as knowledge base, virus fighting or community and integrates into current questions such as Windows 10 compatibility, free tools for removing new types of malware or self-protection tips.

List of free tools (including descriptions of their use) deserves a special praise. In addition, customers can find the link to forum in support area, where Kaspersky users can exchange information about possible problems. Blog informs about various new developments in field of security and is worth a regular visit. If users do not find satisfactory answers to their questions, they can contact technical support team by telephone or live chat.

Optimal resource management

Using performance settings, user will be able to determine times which at them antivirus should not affect a specific application. This feature is useful for both working and playing games on a PC. In addition, by means of a switchable energy saving mode; software adapts to available resources and operations with higher resource consumption, such as scanning and update process, which can set additional load on notebook batteries particularly when charging status is at low levels will be deferred until notebook is plugged in electrical outlet. Security software automatically detects conditions in which hard disk or processor is heavily loaded by demanding programs and pushes down subordinate security tasks accordingly.


Remote Control via My Kaspersky

Like other security software providers, Kaspersky offers a central online platform; on which customers can manage their purchased products as well as their devices. For example, security and functionality of all devices can be checked. Furthermore, some operations such as full scan, quick scan or update can be controlled remotely. On “My Kaspersky” user can also enable or disable specific program components. If current license is expired; Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 will switch to a restricted functional mode until user renew the license.



Kaspersky internet security 2017 includes a variety of useful and popular features. Heart of the software, antivirus, is one of the most efficient security softwares which customers can buy on market. Even newest malwares have to fight against the combination of classic virus scanner and cloud protection which hardly give them a chance to infect system. Firewall works very reliably due to intelligent signature evaluation, and won’t bother user by recurrent asking for permissions.

Tools for online banking and child protection are full featured and guarantee a full control and security for customers. Software looks perfect with resource-saving performance, ease of use and very appealing appearance. It will be very pleasant if Kaspersky labs expand their customer support further.

Improved and new features in Kaspersky Internet Security 2017:

New features: Kaspersky Secure Connection, uninstalling programs

Improved features: Anti-banner; Protection against data collection; secure payments; Mail anti-spam


Reviewed by mr. sniper.

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