Last Month Microsoft revealed its Mouse & Keyboard. Both these devices are styled like Microsoft Surface devices and also keyboard has Apple like chiclet style with the sturdy aluminum frame with the fingerprint sensor between the Alt & Ctrl keys for Windows Hello biometric security. 

With embedded fingerprint sensor & Windows in-built biometric features, users can unlock Pcs with the help of their fingers or faces as a part of Windows 10, Hello feature. However, for unlocking Pcs with your face need a compatible camera. Users need to swipe their fingers to access their machine. Users can connect this device to their machine with either Bluetooth or cable, that means users have some flexibility to choose in which way they want to connect this device to their machine.

This device consumes less power and matches the style with Microsoft surface devices. As per Microsoft claims, Keyboard can be used for four months continuously on the single charge where as Mouse should last up to 12 months on the single charge. 
The Keyboard and Mouse are now available for $130 and $50 respectively.

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