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According to Google, New feature in Google Photo is to be enrolled by this week. This feature will enable the users to share their pics with family friends & others.

This update will add a new dedicated sharing tab to the bottom of the app, from where users may choose to share their pics with others by several ways. App will now suggest, to whom you should share photos & also photos for you. This feature is based on facial recognition technology. App will realize to whom you share your pics most & will suggest you to share your pics with that specific person along-with his/her email address. It will also suggest you to share them new Pictures.


Automatic photos sharing feature.

New Tab in the application will also display the feed of all pictures & albums shared by others with you. It will ease users to find the photos shared by others to them.This updates big feature is, automatic photo sharing. This feature is optional, but who so ever need can enable this feature in the app to share photos automatically with others from within the apps. Users can select the pics or albums that is to be shared automatically or simply can share all the pictures from library.This feature is handy for parents, with the use of this feature, parents could share pictures of their children automatic with their spouse.


It is obvious that there will be some privacy risk if automatic sharing feature is used. It will work in the case of parents sharing pictures of their children with their spouses or sharing pictures to them with whom they are comfortable to. Google facial recognition is almost accurate but it is sure not flawless. It is possible that accidently, some pictures could be sent to others. But it’s still sounds so useful & handy at least in the case of parents.

According to Google, new features are to be rolled out by this week.

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