These days, VPN Applications are becoming more and more popular. Due to its popularity many companies are entering into this service sector and are charging handsome money for their services on monthly, quarterly or Yearly basis. There are many benefits of using a VPN services as it gives unrestricted access to almost all websites. There are two categories of websites that are available on the web based on their accessibility. First one is a public website which has no restriction and can be access from anywhere by anyone. 

There are other public websites too, that can be accessed by anyone but within a limited geographical region. However Private websites are only accessible by those who has proper authority to access it and view or download it’s content or resources.

Virtual Private Network is like a bridge that connects one ends with others and helps remove geographical restrictions. In a VPN Connection (Virtual Private Network) a user uses a public internet services to connects his/her system with server locating at remote location (there are many servers locating at different remote locations) with the help of a VPN Software. Remote server is connected with public network without any encryption but Connection between user’s system and remote server are strongly encrypted.

This makes user’s system protected from any external threats as well as it hides the identity of the user over internet making it hard for anyone to track users activity. Unencrypted connection between remote server and public network makes internet faster and smoother to access.

There are several VPN Service providers in the market now a days, but among these ExpressVPN, NordVPN & WindscribeVPN are providing great quality services at an affordable rates. I have been also testing a New VPN Service provider named “TigerVPN” and i am very impressed with the kind of connectivity speed it provides. These VPN Service Providers are offering FREE as well as PAID Services.

Interested users can buy These VPN Services right from here. Please note that we are providing the links of popular VPN Service providers only and may get commission on purchases you make through our links.

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