We have got several requests for organizing Windows 10 Pro & Windows 7 Pro Giveaways again. So we are ready For the second time, to give away Windows 10 Pro & Windows 7 Pro 1 Nos. Each license for one winner who will be selected using  random.org at the end of this contest.

Rules for this Giveaways

  1. This giveaway is limited to Techanakya forum’s members only, but members are also required to register a new account at our website main page (techanakya.com) to able to post their comments as a part of the rule of this contest (ignore if already registered).
  2. Participants are required to Like/Follow us & also share this post on their social media (Facebook & Twitter are Mandatory).
  3. Comment below mentioning any one feature of Windows 10 Pro here along with your social sharing links & one feature of Windows 7 Pro on forum’s thread of this giveaway. Link to thread page:
  4. Please note, if any one uses any VPN Software to enter into this giveaway or via multiple accounts will be disqualified
  5. Increase your chances to win this giveaway by referring more of your friends to our forum and to this giveaway. Please make sure that your friend mentions you in their comments saying “I have been invited by Mr/Ms…………” on giveaway page or in announcement section of user’s intro at our forum’s page. You will earn 5 points for each of your references.

This giveaway is valid until 24th Aug-17 & on 25th Aug-17 one winner will be selected using random.org who will get Windows 10 Pro + Windows 7 Pro Licenses

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